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These mats are for cows and horses ensuring totally hygienic and germ-free surroundings. The specially designed rubber surfaces reduce the probability of trapped bacteria and sickness. Cushion comfort provides cow knee, hock and udder protection - increases milk, fat and meat production - reduces veterinarian bills. Farmers have often found mats to be the solution to cow foot problems, after unsuccessfully trying foot baths and other remedies.

While the grooved bottom surface provides more stability, smooth top surface makes cleaning easier and faster.
Stable mats with grooves at the bottom and plain,
amebic top
[SL # Ds 007]

Sizes Available
Colors Available
4' x 6' x 18mm,
4' x 6' x 17mm     
Stable Mat with studs at the bottom and amebic top
[SL # Ds 008]
Sizes Available
Colors Available
18mm thick
4' x 6'   
Inter Locking Stable Mat [SL # Ds 009]
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